Restaurant Stari Mlini preserves the tradition and spirit of this area. The mill, which was built in the 17th century. used in the production of flour for the local population, it has remained preserved to this day and at the same time represents the symbol of this restaurant. Over three decades of business guarantee the quality of service and food. Restaurant Stari mlini is located in the town of Ljuta, seven kilometers from Kotor, on the river of the same name, one of the shortest sinkhole rivers in Europe. It has a parking space, a marina and a pier with 15 berths for speedboats and yachts. The story of the old mills dates back to the 16th century, when they used for the production of flour. The building was reconstructed 70 years ago and since then it has been operating as a catering facility categorized as a unique 5-star restaurant. The restaurant’s specialty is cheese made from oil that is kept in 300-year-old stone vessels. The restaurant cherishes the preparation of food in the traditional Bokeh way, so that the specialties include a large selection of seafood, octopus under the comb, balanana in the Bokeh style, fish under the comb, as well as a large selection of national dishes and drinks.