Rožaje – a city located in the eastern part of Montenegro on the border with Kosovo. Rožaje is the administrative center of the municipality. According to historians, it was built around the fortress, which was built in the Middle Ages, and got its name from the old Ruzica church. This is quite a developed city with a population of about 10,000 inhabitants. It, like other surrounding cities, is not sufficiently explored by tourists. The city is located far from the coast, so only great lovers of natural beauty and eco-tourism come to see these places. When visiting an old mountain village, you can see the ruins of a church dating from the reign of the Serbian king Uroš I, who lived in the XIII century. Around the city there are a large number of mountain mineral springs of water, which is cold, extremely clean and rich in minerals and nutrients. On the banks of the river Ibar, which flows past the city, there are many picturesque gorges, very tempting for mountaineers. During the summer, mountaineers come here for good vacation in beautiful surroundings. Sports hunting fans also come, – there are a large number of animals in the forests, so for those who want to test their accuracy in archery, this is the right place. The local mountains are also attractive for skiing enthusiasts. Hotels and slopes, which are equipped with ski lifts, have been built here. Four kilometers from the city is the popular ski center Turiak, which has several ski training centers.